Alison O’Hare

Customer Engagement Director @ Mimecast

Alison O’Hare is the Customer Engagement Director at Mimecast, based in the Melbourne office. Appointed to the role in 2013, Allison is in charge of all things technical and customer focused for both pre- and post sales. Her primary responsibility is finding solutions for the technical and business challenges prospects might have and ensure customer satisfaction.

Alison has over 17 years’ experience in the IT industry across roles in cyber security and network engineering roles, including 9 years at Mimecast in a variety of leadership positions. Prior to being appointed as Customer Engagement Director at Mimecast, Alison was part of the Global Education Team, focusing on technical writing and customer training. Alison started her career at Mimecast as Service Delivery Director, working from the Boston office.

With customer experience at the core of Mimecast values, Alison is determined to different than the rest as an IT vendor, approach customer engagements with a personality and be proactive and honest in all engagements. In ensuring Mimecast customers have a voice, Alison leads a CX team that is constant refining its service and approach. As Mimecast perfectly phrases it: “SaaS with a face”.