Carlo Minassian

Founder & CEO @ LMNTRIX

LMNTRIX was founded by Carlo Minassian, a cybersecurity entrepreneur with over twenty years in the industry building Threat Detection Systems for financial and technology Fortune 500.

Carlo pioneered MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) in Australia after seeing a need in the market that few did. He left a secure future with IBM to start a business in his bedroom. He and his team were so far ahead of the curve they struggled at first.
Thirteen years later his company Earthwave, became Gartner magic quadrant leader and he sold his business to Dimension Data in 2013. He subsequently joined as group GM and Technical Director to globalise that business selling to Fortune 500 boards and CSOs around the world.

What he discovered over the next three years amazed him. In fact, it really got him worried. On the front lines, engaging with hundreds of organizations worldwide, something was terribly wrong. Instead of getting more secure, companies and organizations were more vulnerable than ever.

He’s surveyed over 350 companies across multiple regions — Yahoo, Target, Sony, RSA, US Military, JP Morgan Chase, NSA, Linkedin.  Many had security forces of hundreds of experts with shiny SOC’s – yet despite all this, he discovered corporate cybersecurity teams were being defeated by a single energy. It wasn’t the hackers — it was the noise. 
What Carlo learned next is the reason LMNTRIX exists.