Craig Davies

CEO @ Australian Cyber Security Growth Network Ltd

Craig Davies is the CEO for the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network Ltd

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy, launched in April 2016, committed to establish a
Cyber Security Growth Centre to position Australia as an attractive location for cyber
security research and innovation. The ACSGN has been created to support the
development of a vibrant and globally competitive Australian cyber security industry
aimed at enhancing Australia’s future economic growth and help protect Australia’s
interests online.

Prior to joining the ACSGN, Craig was Head of Security for Atlassian where he lead the
security program supporting all aspects of Atlassian’s business from product security, to
their Cloud operations and the protection of Atlassian itself.

Before joining Atlassian, Craig was at CSO of Cochlear Ltd. He started his career in
Financial Services, initially with the Commercial Bank of Australia, then Westpac
Banking Corporation, where he worked across the organisation in Retail Banking, Legal
Services and the Westpac IT Group.

Craig is passionate about the importance of people in security programs, and the role of
security leaders in delivering pragmatic solutions that support business growth.
Craig has 20+ years experience in Cyber security and has worked in a number of fields
including Infrastructure operations and management, security architecture, and website
development and operations.