Jasmin Krapf

Cyber Security Consultant @ Trusted Impact

Jasmin Krapf has enjoyed working in security, consulting and transformation for the past 13 years.  With a great variety of experience in terms of organisation type, roles and objectives, Jasmin has developed a strong ability to create effective, tailored security solutions.

Whilst at ANZ, Jasmin was pivotal in delivering the first security methodology and resource uplift into Technology delivery processes.  This built the foundations for many more security initiatives, with Jasmin leading a number of projects and change capability to ensure effective delivery.  Whilst at ANZ, Jasmin held a number of roles with the Information Security Office, including Chief of Staff to develop and transform the security capability across ANZ, and also uplift Executive and Board exposure to security investment.  As Head of Security Enablement, the security culture and capability was expanded to included customer outreach and shift the focus of security at ANZ to collaborative approach rather than compliance requisite.

More recently, Jasmin has worked as a consultant with TrustedImpact, helping organisations understand cybersecurity maturity and create suitable and pragmatic strategy to bolster their security posture.  Jasmin is passionate about developing the Human element of cyber and feels strongly that no-one should be left behind.  Not only does it take 1 person to make a mistake to bring down an organisation, but it can lead to high emotional and financial distress personally.  Through education and integration of cyber security as a life skill, Jasmin believes that people can really embrace the benefits of technology to improve, rather than hinder their lifestyle and opportunities.