Mikhail Lopushanski

Chief Security Officer @ APRA

Mikhail Lopushanski is the Chief Security Officer for the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).  His responsibilities include information, personnel and physical security and ensuring the incorporation of security governance across APRA.

Prior to joining APRA, he managed information security, business continuity, risk management, audit, corporate strategy and governance for a large shared service, as well as ran his own consulting business.

Although he started his career as a financial auditor, his degree in mathematics with specialisation in accounting and information systems soon found more technical and electronic reviews pushed his way.  Contracting across Canada, UK and Australia, he established backend office for Sydney Harbour Bridge electronic tolls and has had some unusual reviews including UK Courts, HMS Prison Service and assaying gold reserves.  He has established and managed enterprise security management systems, forensic investigations, and business continuity practices and was directly involved in establishing the NSW Government Digital Information Security Policy.

When he isn’t advocating security governance, he spends his time playing ice hockey or enjoying photography while bushwalking.